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Zalarma customers range from B2B (Technology, Healthcare, etc.), B2C (eCommerce, Retail, etc.), Small startups to Larger Inc. 500 leaders

Customer testimonials

Zalarma drives results. We help increase traffic, prospect conversion and qualified leads

Thanks to Zalarma, we were able to accelerate our brand awareness without breaking the bank.

Mark Smith, Insight Security

man standing near balcony
man standing near balcony

Zalarma's data driven approach helped us personalize our web pages quickly and cost-effectively.

woman wearing black crew-neck shirt
woman wearing black crew-neck shirt

Emily Johnson, eBrands

Fast growing disruptors in B2B

For Inc. 500 fast growing companies, Zalarma's ability to provide personalization at scale and use intent signals is a big advantage. These businesses can use Zalarma technology to optimize their online presence, get data-driven insights into their audiences and convert the long-tail of audiences into leads and customers

Upstarts in eCommerce
Zalarma's ability to generate thousands of personalized web pages quickly and cost-effectively is highly advantageous for eCommerce businesses. These businesses can leverage Zalarma's services to enhance their online presence, improve search engine rankings, and drive more organic traffic, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer acquisition
Startups who want to Scale Up

Startups, which often operate with limited resources, can significantly benefit from Zalarma's cost-efficient content creation. The platform's ability to produce high-quality, SEO-optimized content at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods allows startups to compete with larger companies in terms of online visibility and customer reach

B2B Software-as-a-Service

SaaS companies can benefit from Zalarma's data-driven content creation to target specific audience segments effectively. By personalizing content based on user roles, industries, and geographic locations, SaaS businesses can improve user engagement and conversion rates, making their marketing efforts more efficient and impactful

Content & Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies can utilize Zalarma's technology to scale their content marketing efforts for multiple clients. The platform's ability to generate personalized content quickly and efficiently allows agencies to deliver better results for their clients, improving overall campaign performance and client satisfaction

Large Enterprises launching new products

Large corporations with diverse product lines and services use Zalarma to create tailored content for different market segments. This helps in addressing the specific needs and preferences of various customer groups, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.